Why take a lesson?

Cross-country skiing is fun, but it’s not always intuitive.  Taking a lesson can be the difference between walking on skis and actually gliding along beautiful ski trails.  Learning basic ski technique will help you feel comfortable on downhills, and more efficient on uphills.  A little know-how makes skiing fun instead of strenuous.  If you need another reason, just meet our instructors.  They’re experienced and patient, but most importantly they make sure you have a good time learning to ski!

But I already know how to ski!

There’s a reason that the best skiers in the world still get coaching. We can all become more efficient skiers and often it just takes an outsiders insight to get you there. Our instructors have been skiing their whole lives! They’ve raced, they’ve coached, they live and breath this stuff.  Try us, we guarantee you’ll learn something and be glad you did.

The Ski School

We want YOU to learn to ski with US!  The Galena Lodge Ski School can make cross-country skiing more fun!  We teach for all abilities from first-time skiers to full on race instruction.  Our instructors are life-long skiers who will ensure that your lesson is enjoyable, informative and pressure-free!

Here’s exactly what the ski school offers:

Private Lessons

Personalized one-on-one instruction, especially on a consistent basis, is the best way to learn this sport. Call us to schedule a private one-hour lesson at the time of your choice!  Cost is $65 for the first person and $35 dollars for each additional person.  We can meet you anywhere on the North Valley Trail System if you’d rather not drive up to the lodge.

Introduction to Nordic Skiing Lesson Package

Galena Lodge Ski School has a very affordable lesson package for first-time (or close to it) skiers.  This one-time offer costs $75 for one person and $45 for each additional person and includes your ski pass & ski rentals for the day as well as a one-hour private lesson.  If two people are planning to rent and buy a pass anyway, the lesson is barely more!

The Instructors

Ben Allen

Janis Blaugher

Miriam Akervall

Erin Zell

Don Shepler

Muffy Ritz (part time)

Brooke Hovey (part time)