Imagine yourself deep in the Idaho back-country following a 2-ft wide packed snowshoe trail sunk into several feet of white powder.  Your trail twists through open pine forests and meadows climbing up to look out at the 10,000 ft mountains as they shine under the bright western sun.  This is snowshoeing at Galena Lodge, where we maintain and carefully mark over 25 kilometers of snowshoe trails for all levels to enjoy.  Adventures range from 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on what you are seeking. If you’ve never tried snowshoeing, Galena Lodge is a great place to start. The trail pass only costs $5 and your best friend (the dog) can come for free.  Our ski shop has snowshoes, poles and over-boots for rent, plus all the advice you’ll need.

Guided Snowshoe Tours

If you’d like the extra assurance of a guide on your snowshoe adventure or if you just want the extra company, then schedule a snowshoe tour! Snowshoe tours are two hours long and include your rental equipment and trail pass. They cost $35 per person with a 3 person minimum .  If you’re going to rent equipment and buy a trail pass, you might as well get a guide too, because the cost is barely higher.  All-day tours can also be scheduled, so give us a call!