Beginner Mountain Bike Maintenance Clinic-July 21st, 2020

New this year! It’s time to learn about your bike! Join Galena Lodge’s Bike Mike for a 2 hour class to learn more about your bike, how to make adjustments on trail and off, what everyone should know but doesn’t and how to diagnose common problems and when to know when you need to call in the big guns for help!

Feel free to bring your bike!
5pm to 7pm

Classes are 2 hours long and Cost $30 per class




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I accept and clearly understand that there are inherent and other risks involved in the sport of mountain biking, that injuries are a common and ordinary occurrence and I freely accept these risks. I agree to hold harmless and indemnify Galena Lodge, its employees, owners and/or agents thereof from any and all liability for damage and injury to myself or any person or property resulting from negligence, installation, maintenance, the selection, adjustment, and use of the Mountain bike equipment, the use of any other equipment rented to me or provided to me by Galena Lodge and/or any of their employees or from the performance of any work, in the nature of bike adjustment or otherwise, performed by Galena Lodge and/or any of their employees on any equipment I may be using, accepting myself full responsibility for any and all such damage, injury, or death which may result.

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