Galena Youth Adventure Camp 2020 • ages 8 – 12

Galena Youth Adventure Camp is a weekly Summer Outdoor Discovery and Adventure Program at Galena Lodge for youth ages 8-12. Our program develops lifelong skills through action-based adventures and emphasizes fun, safety, and respect for the outdoors and each other.

Campers Will:

  • Make new friends
  • Mountain bike on the Galena Trail System
  • Whitewater raft with White Otter Adventures (postponed)
  • Rock climb on Galena’s adventure wall
  • Horseback ride on the trails around Galena
  • Paddleboard on Petit Lake (postponed)
  • Hiking Adventures
  • Explore Senate and Gladiator Meadows and Streams
  • Develop map-reading skills
  • Learn about low-impact use of the backcountry
  • Play capture the flag, Create Campfire Skits, Eat S’mores


Lunches and snacks, as well as the dinner and breakfast on the overnight, are included and cooked in our kitchen at Galena Lodge.
Parents should pack additional food if their child has special dietary requirements.

Transportation-at this time is not available (if this changes we will let you know)

Drop off and pick up will be at Galena Lodge between 8:30-9am and 4-4:30pm

Cancellation Policy

Full refund up to 1 month in advance of the 1st day of camp.
$350.00 refund with advanced 3-week notice.
$150.00 refund with advanced 1-week notice.
No refund within one week of camp unless we are able to rebook your camp spot.

Camp code of ethics

We encourage kids to have fun, to respect others, and to communicate. We do NOT tolerate swearing, rude, disruptive, or aggressive behavior. Campers who
take away from other children’s experiences will be asked to leave immediately.

What to Wear

Please wear comfortable clothes for adventuring; T-shirt, shorts, and lightweight trail shoes with good tread. Look at the weather and send your child prepared.

Please mark your child’s items with a name & phone number! We are not responsible for lost or misplaced items but will do our best to ensure that lost items get back to you.

What to Bring (in a backpack)

Bathing suit
Water bottle***
Lightweight rain jacket
Water sandals
Small swim towel
Sunscreen/lip balm
Fleece pullover or sweatshirt
Extra pair socks
Tennis shoes

What NOT to Bring

** NO ELECTRONICS! Please help us encourage kids to experience the outdoors! Toys and electronics may be taken and held until the end of the day.

Daily Activities will be updated soon!

Climbing & Horseback Riding
Introduction to Rock Climbing as well as a half-day horseback ride on the Galena Trails with Galena Stage Stop Corrals. Bring long pants for horseback riding.


Mountain Biking, Hiking & Scavenger Hunt
We prefer that your child bring their own bike and helmet if they have them. We will have a trailer at the YMCA on Wednesday morning for transporting the
bikes to Galena. If they don’t have a bike they may also use the bikes and helmets we have at Galena.


Leave No Trace, Hiking, Lunch & Awards

Camp protocol

At Galena, we try to work with our campers to resolve issues as they occur. For instance, if a child uses bad language our counselors will talk to the child, have the child apologize and warn the child if this continues she/he will be asked to leave. Parents are not called at the first sign of trouble because we are not usually in the vicinity of a phone, and because we believe that teaching children to act responsibly in the absence of their guardians is a crucial part of growing up. If the child repeats the behavior- parents will be called as soon as possible and asked to pick up their child.


Eight Weekly Camp Sessions • Monday – Friday

9am – 4pm (overnight on Thursday night)

All photos taken during Camp will be the property of Galena Lodge.


Participant’s Name

Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)


Gender * 

Name of Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

Cell Phone


Where/whom to call in case of emergency

Allergies (Including Food)

Current Medication

List ALL Medical Conditions/Behavioral Problems

Any Additional Information

Please list any activities which you do not want your child participating in

Participants T-shirt size

My Child has permission to participate in the Galena Outdoor Adventure Program.

I have provided Galena Lodge with all accurate information and have not falsified any records including but not limited to age and medication requirements.
Parent/Guardian Initial

In case of sickness or injury, I authorize Galena Lodge to use any medical services they deem necessary.

I accept full responsibility for all medical expenses and any necessary evacuating expenses incurred as a result of my child’s participation in these activities and in travel to and from these activities.
Parent/Guardian Initial

Acknowledgment of Risk

I understand there are inherent and other risks of injury involved in camping and outdoor adventure and recreational activities, including travel to and from these activities. I understand that these risks are impossible to eliminate fully by even the most careful and prudent planning and conduct by Galena Youth Adventure Camps. I voluntarily accept these risks to my child. I agree to RELEASE FROM LIABILITY and to INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS Galena Lodge, Zepler World Industries, Blaine County Recreation District, USDA, and its agents and directors from any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential or punitive damages, including any loss, damage, cost, or injury, that arises from participation in any activity connected with the aforementioned activities and Galena Camp, whether based on a theory of contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise. I/We understand that I/We are waiving our right to take legal action including filing a lawsuit for personal injuries to our child(ren) and/or ourselves. The venue of any dispute that may arise out of this agreement or otherwise between the parties to which Galena Youth Adventure Camp or its agents is a party shall be Idaho State Court in Blaine County, Idaho.
Parent/Guardian Signature


I, the undersigned, do expressly covenant and state that my child is a member of a trip with WHITE OTTER ADVENTURES and is participating therein as part of a joint enterprise and assume all risks in said trip for and any minor children in my custody. I have informed WHITE OTTER of any pre-existing medical situation of which they should be aware. I understand that I am to be financially responsible for any medical treatment and necessary evacuating resulting from participation in this trip. I hereby acknowledge that I fully understand that there are inherent risks in whitewater and other outdoor trips and transportation to and from the river. These risks are impossible to eliminate fully by even the most prudent and careful planning and conduct by WHITE OTTER. Potential risks may include vehicle accident, loss of or damage to personal property, immersion in water and hypothermia, collision with boat, rock, log, fallen tree, injury or fatality due to capsize of a boat, falling while aboard a boat or on shore, exposure to temperature extremes or inclement weather, or other risks not listed here. I am of sound mind and am undertaking this activity of my own free will for myself (and any minor children in my custody), and by signing this statement I take full responsibility for my own (and my minor children’s) welfare and waive any future claims against WHITE OTTER, except in the case of gross negligence. I specifically release WHITE OTTER, its officers, guides, agents, employees, and owners from any and all liability as to any right of action or claim to relief that may occur to me or to my heirs or personal representatives for any such personal injury, loss of life, loss of consortium, or loss of or damage to property which I may suffer while participating in the whitewater trip, transportation to and from the river, or any other activities that I (or my minor child) may engage in. The terms here shall serve as a release and express assumption of risk for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators and for all members of my family, including any minor children in my custody. I understand that other trip members, professional photographers, or WHITE OTTER may wish to make photographic or video use for personal and promotional purposes, and I hereby grant permission for them to do so without recourse and without compensation to me. The venue of any such dispute that may arise out of this agreement or otherwise between the parties to which WHITE OTTER OUTDOOR ADVENTURES or its agents is a party shall be either town of Ketchum, Idaho Justice Court or the State Supreme Court in Blaine County. I HAVE READ THE ABOVE WAIVER AND RELEASE AND BY SIGNING IT AGREE IT IS MY INTENTION TO EXEMPT AND RELIEVE WHITE OTTER FROM LIABILITY FOR PERSONAL INJURY, PROPERTY DAMAGE OR WRONGFUL DEATH CAUSED BY NEGLIGENCE OR ANY OTHER CAUSE.
Parent/Guardian Signature

Galena Stage Stop Corrals * 

Pioneer outfitters llc. ASSUMPTION OF RISK

Pioneer outfitters llc. Provides many outdoor recreational activities to the public. Trip participants understand that outdoor recreational activities do involve inherent risks that are beyond the control of pioneer outfitters llc. And their staff, agents and employees. We, The Undersigned, Do Understand That Upon Acceptance Of The Horse And Equipment That We Hereby Assume All Risks For The Behavior, Actions, And Safety Of Myself, My Minor Child Or Children While Involved In The Activities. THEREFORE, I ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR PERSONAL INJURY TO MYSELF AND/OR TO MEMBERS OF MY FAMILY, OR FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE TO MY PERSONAL PROPERTY AND EXPENSES THEREOF AS A RESULT OF MY NEGLIGENCE OR THE NEGLIGENCE OF MY FAMILY PARTICIPATING IN SAID ACTIVITIES. I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS AGREEMENT AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND DO VOLUNTARILY AGREE TO SIGN.
Parent/Guardian Signature

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