Senate View Yurt – Summer

Summer: $100 per night

Overlooking Senate Meadows, located at the southern end of the ridge line behind the lodge right on the Rip and Tear bike trail. The Senate View yurt is the closest yurt to the lodge and has a lovely view. Senate View sits near Star’s Perch which allows both yurts to be booked to accommodate larger groups. Senate View sleeps eight people. There are two bunk beds with double futon couches on the bottom, single beds on top and a double futon couch. The yurts are all outfitted with wood stove for heat, 2 burner propane stove for cooking, all your pots, pans, silverware, glassware, paper towels, toilet paper, newspaper, wood, books, games, sleeping pads, solar lights and an outhouse! In the summer, you will need to bring water with you to the yurt. We have large jugs down at the lodge that you can pick up before you drive up to the yurt.

The yurts in the summer are a great experience. You can bike, hike or just relax without all the hassles of tent camping. In the Summer, you can drive to this yurt. You will just need to have a high clearance vehicle to make it on the USFS roads. Dogs are allowed at all the yurts in the summer time!