The DONS Classes

The DONS (Dudes on Nordic Skis)

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To quote the Grateful Dead, “That’s Right, the Women Are SMARTER!”. For many years, the Galena VAMPS have had great success, helping women become better nordic skiers. Feeling left out and with Muffy Ritz’s blessing, in 2017, 8 men gathered to form the DONS.

While the Merriam-Webster dictionary gives various high brow definitions like powerful Mafia leader, fellow in a college in Great Britain, or Spanish nobleman, we don’t aim so high. We are quite simply the Dudes On Nordic Skis. If you can come up with a better description, have at it!!

If you already have the basics of nordic skiing and want to improve, then this program is for you!

Are you:
1) Looking to cement basics?
2) Finish the Boulder Mountain Tour (with ease)?
3) Win races?

If so, we want you to join the “DONS!” Our aim is to stratify members with similar abilities and goals, providing weekly coaching, both at Galena and Lake Creek. Coaching will be modeled after the VAMPS, with more options offered as the program grows.

Questions? Email Erin Zell or Jamie Lieberman

1) I have a bunch of friends interested. Could we be in the same class? SURE!! We need about 6 people to form a class, but we can be flexible!

2) I’m a classic skier, can I still join? For 2018-19, we are focusing on skate skiing. But if you can gather about 6 people interested in a classic DONS program, we would love to work with you to make it happen.

3) I work every day, how can I participate? As long as mother nature cooperates, we hope to have at least one earlier morning Lake Creek program. If you have a strong preference for times, sign up early and let us know your desires and we’ll try to make it happen.

4) How much will this cost? Ahhh, value!! Modeled after the VAMPS, about $30/class as part of a package. But you’re sure to receive much greater value!

5) Is there financial aid? We certainly aim for inclusion. No promises, but please contact us and we’ll see what we can do!

6) I don’t know how to nordic ski, can I still join? Unfortunately, not yet. There are many great opportunities to take lessons, both through Galena Lodge and Sun Valley Nordic.

7) Is there swag? OF COURSE!! Work in progress, but we have an awesome logo and will have some sweet winter offerings!

8) Do I still need a Blaine County Ski Pass? Yes. The Blaine County Recreation District is in charge of the outstanding daily grooming of over 160km of trails in the Wood River region, including over 50km at Galena. This comes at a price. A season pass is required and can be purchased here.