VAMPS Class Descriptions


Advanced skate group, focusing on racing technique and training. This group is pushed hard and is expected to be ready for anything. Intervals, time trials, relay races, mock racing situations will all be part of the AMPS. Not for the faint of heart! Racing is part of the plan.


Upper intermediate skate group- wanting to be pushed, perfect their technique, do some intervals and time trials, and have some adventurous skiing. Most in this group enter the local races as well as races in the inter-mountain area.


Intermediate skate group for women OVER 60 years old. V2’s work on technique primarily, but will also be expected to ski in different terrain and conditions. All V2’s should know V1, V2, V2 alt to be in this class. V2’s will be pushed but will also learn how to ski more efficiently.


Intermediate Skate group focusing mostly on technique with an emphasis on skiing in all terrain in all conditions- uphills, downhills, corners, icy snow, are all part of the Tramps bag of tricks. BMT is well within the Tramps reach.

TRAMPS Classic

Upper intermediate and advanced classic skiers- this group will focus on fitness and technique. Intervals, time trials, relay races will be used in this high level classic group to improve their racing form. All skiers will be required to wax their own skis and will be aided by coaches to learn more advanced waxing. Many in this group race locally and around the area.

SCAMPS Classic

Advanced beginner through lower intermediate classic skiers. Students will progress through the basics of classic skiing, waxing their own skis, and learning how to use classic skiing as a mode of enjoyment, fitness and fun. Diagonal stride, double pole, kick double pole will become automatic in Scamps.


Lower intermediate and intermediate skate skiers. Students will progress through the basics of skate skiing and learning how to use skate skiing as a mode of enjoyment, fitness and fun. They’ll be learning to perfect their V1, V2, V2 alt as well as learning to ski in all types of terrain. Many in this group do the BMT.

Weekly Workout with Muffy

Skate and Classic skiers, intermediate and above only

Joney’s Downhills and Corners

If downhills, corners and tracks intimidate you, this class is for you. We will be working on the North Valley trail system with different terrain, to quicken up the feet so downhills, corners and tracks become more comfortable and less intimidating. Any level and either classic or skate is welcome. Yes, skaters can use tracks too!

EJ’s Skate and Classic

Tuesdays 4 weeks of understanding the basics (skate or classic) and improving on your technique. Good fitness and basic skiing abilities are required. Goal is to do 4 weeks of either skate or classic and then switch to the other for 4 more weeks.